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Swiss Teddy Guinea Pigs: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a cute and cuddly pet that resembles a real-life teddy bear? If so, you might want to consider getting a Swiss Teddy guinea pig. These adorable rodents are a rare and unique breed of guinea pigs that have a coarse, dense, and slightly curly coat that stands on end. They are friendly, docile, and easy to care for, making them ideal pets for both children and adults. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Swiss Teddy guinea pigs, including their history, appearance, personality, care, health, and more. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide if a Swiss Teddy guinea pig is the right pet for you.

What is a Swiss Teddy Guinea Pig?

A Swiss Teddy guinea pig is a specific breed of guinea pig that originated in Switzerland. They are also known as Teddy Bear guinea pigs or Teddy Cavies. They are not to be confused with the American Teddy guinea pig, which is a different breed with a shorter and smoother coat. The Swiss Teddy guinea pig is the result of a genetic mutation that gave them their distinctive fur. Their coat is between 1.5 inches (4 cm) and 2.4 inches (6 cm) long, which is considerably longer than most short-haired guinea pig breeds and twice as long as the US Teddy’s. Their fur is also very thick and fluffy, and it has a slight curl that makes it stand up. This gives them a very teddy bear-like appearance that many people find irresistible.

What Does a Swiss Teddy Guinea Pig Look Like?

A Swiss Teddy guinea pig has a similar body shape and size to the American guinea pig. They are usually around 10 to 12 inches long and weigh between 1.5 and 3 pounds. The females are slightly smaller than the males. The most distinctive feature of the Swiss Teddy guinea pig is their nose, which is wide and curves slightly upwards. This is called a Roman nose, and it gives them a bear-like quality. Their ears are also large and round, and their eyes are bright and expressive. Swiss Teddy guinea pigs come in a wide range of colors and patterns, such as solid colors, tricolors, roans, and more. The most common colors are white, chestnut, brown, gold, and grey. Some Swiss Teddy guinea pigs also have a satin coat, which is sleeker and shinier than the normal coat.

What is the Personality of a Swiss Teddy Guinea Pig?

Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are friendly and docile animals that love human interaction. They are social animals and need same-sex pairs or small groups to avoid loneliness and boredom. Females are better together, as males may fight. Other pets should be kept away from them, to avoid stress and injuries. They are not aggressive and rarely bite, unless scared or in pain. They bond with their carers and enjoy being petted, held, and cuddled. It squeal with excitement when they see their favorites. They are quiet animals but have vocalizations for their moods. For instance, they purr when content, wheek when hungry or excited, or chatter when annoyed or angry.

swiss teady guinea pig

How to Care for a Swiss Teddy Guinea Pig?

Swiss Teddy guinea pigs require a moderate amount of care, though it is fairly straightforward. Here are some of the main aspects of caring for a Swiss Teddy guinea pig:


Swiss Teddy guinea pigs need a big and cozy cage to live in. Guinea pigs should have the largest cage possible. This will be their main exercise area unless you can let them out safely. A cage for one Swiss Teddy guinea pig should be at least 30 by 36 inches. For two, you’ll need one that’s at least 30 by 50 inches. Guinea pigs don’t climb, so 18 inches high is fine. Cages with a plastic base and wire walls and top are good for airflow. Avoid wire floors, as they can hurt their feet and cause infections. The cage should be in a quiet, well-ventilated, and temperature-controlled area, away from sun, drafts, and noise. The best temperature for guinea pigs is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The cage should be cleaned weekly, to prevent odors, bacteria, and parasites. You will need to remove and wash everything with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and dry the cage well before putting everything back. You will also need to spot-clean the cage daily, removing any wet or dirty stuff.


Swiss Teddy guinea pigs need soft and absorbent bedding for their cage. This gives them comfort, warmth, and hygiene. The best bedding for guinea pigs is paper-based products, like recycled paper pellets, shredded paper, or paper towels. These are safe, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. You can also use fleece blankets, which are cozy and reusable but need more washing. Avoid bedding that is dusty, aromatic, or edible, like wood shavings, hay, straw, or corn cob. These can cause problems for your Swiss Teddy guinea pig. You need to change the bedding at least once a week, or more if wet or dirty. You also need to give your Swiss Teddy guinea pig some nesting materials, like hay, paper, or fabric, to make them feel secure and cozy.


Swiss Teddy guinea pigs need a good diet with hay, pellets, and vegetables. Hay is most important, for fiber, vitamins, minerals, and dental health. It should be 80% of their diet, and always there. Timothy hay is best, low in calcium and high in fiber. Other hay is okay, if fresh and dry. Alfalfa hay is bad, high in calcium and protein, and can cause problems. Pellets are second, for protein, energy, and nutrients. They should be 10% of their diet and for guinea pigs. Bad pellets are colorful, mixed, or have seeds, nuts, or fruits, and can cause issues. Give them 1/8 cup of pellets per day, and keep them cool and dry. Vegetables are third, for moisture, vitamin C, and variety. They should be 10% of their diet, and washed and chopped. Good vegetables are leafy greens, like kale, parsley, or dandelion greens. Other vegetables are okay, like carrots, bell peppers, or zucchini, if low in sugar and high in vitamin C. Bad vegetables are high in calcium, oxalic acid, or gas, like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower, and can cause problems. Give them 1 cup of vegetables per day, and change them often. Also, give them water always. Use a bottle or a bowl, if refilled and cleaned daily. Avoid treats that are high in sugar, fat, or salt, like chocolate, cheese, bread, or nuts, and can cause problems. Sometimes give them healthy treats, like fruits, herbs, or hay-based treats, if in moderation and as a reward.


Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are a low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming, as their coat is short and does not require much brushing. However, you should still check

their coat regularly for any dirt, mats, or parasites, and gently brush them with a soft-bristled brush if needed. You should also trim your nails every few weeks, using a small pair of scissors or clippers, and being careful not to cut the quick, which is the pink area of the nail that is home to nerves and blood vessels. We should also check their ears and eyes for any signs of infection or irritation, and clean them with a damp cotton ball if necessary. You should also check their teeth for any signs of overgrowth or misalignment, and consult a vet if you notice any problems. Swiss Teddy guinea pigs do not need baths unless they are very dirty or have a skin condition. If you do need to bathe your Swiss Teddy guinea pig, use a mild shampoo designed for small animals, and rinse and dry them thoroughly. Avoid getting water in their ears or eyes, and keep them warm until they are completely dry.

Are Swiss Teddy Guinea Pigs Friendly?

Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are friendly animals that get along with other guinea pigs and humans. They are not territorial or dominant, and they usually welcome new friends. But, you should introduce new guinea pigs slowly and carefully, and watch for any aggression or stress. You should also give enough space, food, water, and hiding places for each guinea pig, and avoid mixing males and females unless you want to breed them. Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are also affectionate and loyal to their owners, and they often seek their attention and company. They like being petted, held, and cuddled if handled gently and respectfully. They also learn to recognize their owner’s voice and name. Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are smart and curious animals, and they like having toys, tunnels, and other fun items in their cage. They also like exploring and playing with their owners outside their cage, if supervised and safe.

Swiss Teddy guinea pigs

What is the Life Span of a Swiss Teddy Guinea Pig?

Swiss Teddy guinea pigs live 5 to 7 years on average, like other guinea pig breeds. Some can live longer, up to 10 years, with good genes, diet, care, and environment. To help your Swiss Teddy guinea pig live long and healthy, you should give them quality food, a clean and big cage, regular exercise, social time, and vet visits. You should also look for any signs of sickness or injury, and get medical help quickly. Some common health problems for Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are infections, stones, scurvy, bumblefoot, mites, lice, and tumors. You should also spay or neuter your Swiss Teddy guinea pig if you don’t want to breed them, as this can prevent some diseases and pregnancies.

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Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are a rare and unique breed of guinea pigs that have a teddy bear-like appearance and personality. They are friendly, docile, and easy to care for, making them ideal pets for both children and adults. They require a moderate amount of care, mainly consisting of providing them with a balanced diet, a comfortable cage, regular grooming, and social interaction. It can live for 5 to 7 years, or even longer if they are well taken care of and loved. If you are looking for a cute and cuddly pet that will brighten up your day and keep you company, you might want to consider getting a Swiss Teddy guinea pig. They are truly one of a kind, and they will surely steal your heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to identify a Swiss Teddy guinea pig?
    • A Swiss Teddy guinea pig is a type of guinea pig that has a dense, rough, and curly coat that stands up on its body. They are also known as Rex guinea pigs or Teddy Rex guinea pigs. They have a distinctive nose that is wide and curved, resembling a Roman nose. They come in various colors and patterns, such as solid, agouti, brindle, roan, or tortoiseshell.
  • What are the benefits of owning a Swiss Teddy guinea pig?
    • Swiss Teddy guinea pigs are very friendly, docile, and affectionate pets that enjoy human interaction and socialization. They are easy to care for, as they do not require much grooming or trimming. They are also very intelligent and curious animals that can learn tricks and respond to their names. They can provide companionship and entertainment for their owners and other guinea pigs.
  • What are the challenges of owning a Swiss Teddy guinea pig?
    • Swiss Teddy guinea pigs need a spacious and comfortable cage that is well-ventilated and has bedding, toys, hiding places, and water bottles. They also need a balanced diet that consists of fresh hay, pellets, vegetables, and fruits. They need regular health check-ups and nail clipping, as well as protection from extreme temperatures, predators, and parasites. They also need daily exercise and stimulation outside their cage, as well as social interaction with other guinea pigs or humans.

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